How To Track

How do I track?

This sections reveals the main physical signs your body makes during your cycle to help you pin point and track where you are. This provides the base for knowing your physical location on your inner map. Once that is in place you can then begin to see patterns in your emotional, psychological and spiritual location. This map provides great insight to your menstrual and ultimately your whole health.

Track your cycle:

Record physical signs: rhythm, basal body temperature, cervical fluid, cervix position, luteal phase Urine testing.

Record other signs: want for intimacy, emotions, confidence, want for sexual pleasures, anxiety, food cravings, self image, moods, energy levels, dreams, how critical you are, playfulness, and social tendencies. And any other key feelings or shifts in being that you experience.

After a few months of tracking what you experience during each cycle common trends will begin to emerge physically, mentally and emotionally. And this will give you greater insight into your menstrual health and being you.