Cervical Fluid

Cervical Fluid

An important element of the menstrual cycle that is rarely spoken about is cervical fluid. Cervical fluid goes through many changes throughout each cycle. Changing in quantity, colour, texture, scent and every change indicates a stage in your cycle. This fluid is representative of the seminal fluids, the primordial soup from which our species came out of and was born into being. It is a direct connection to source. Making friendship with your cervical fluids has a deeply healing effect. It enables many women to let go of out dated, negative, unexamined assumptions that they hold about there bodies and sexuality. For many accepting, engaging with and loving their cervical fluid opens a doorway to those not so clean, clear and cute aspects of being a women. Revealing the beauty of our powerful primal animal aspects that are so often rendered ugly and gross.

Many young women experience cervical fluid without having an understanding of what it is and are left to believe “something is wrong with me down there”. Let me say loud and clear that cervical fluid is a natural menstrual cycle process. It is also a great way to identify what stage of your menstrual cycle you are experiencing.

Cervical fluid can help you know when you can get pregnant, and in knowing this you can accurately predict when you will get your period. A woman will usually get her period about two weeks (14 days) from the day she ovulates. This day is not the same for every woman as some women will ovulate on day 8 of their cycle while others on day 14 or 16.

If you have a 29 day cycle the count back 14 days from 29 = day 15 and that is approximately the day you ovulate. If you have a 31 day cycle 31 – 14 = 17 and so on. If you can identify the day of your ovulation you can count forward 14 days from that day and you will know the date of your period.

Cervical fluid cycle:

In the beginning and at the end of your cycle cervical mucus is sparse as estrogen levels are low. As the estrogen levels increase preparing for ovulation, the mucus level increase they come hand in hand.  It tends to start of dry. Then thin and milky mucus appears early on. Then even thinner milkier mucus as estrogen increases. As estrogen hits its peak level and the egg is ready for release the mucus becomes slick, glassy and stretchy to touch. You feel wet, slippery and silky inside. Fluid will pass out of the vagina and be noticeable on your underwear.

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