Calender Rhythm Method

This will provide the basic calender tracking needed to start your journey to understanding your own personal menstruation and nature. It will also help you locate the pre ovulatory phase, the infertile season before your ovulation and after your menstruation.

The calender rhythm method is probably the oldest means of determining fertility and infertility. It’s method as a contraception is based on 3 physiological premises.

  1. Ovulation occurs approximately 2 weeks (14 days) prior to your next bleed. 14 days is average it can occur 12-16 days before.
  2. Sperm is viable (able to fertilise) for 3 days.
  3. the life span of an egg/ovum is 12-24 hours.

For now i will simply discuss this methods as a means of locating your cycle with the intent to better understand your body, heart and mind connection. Rather than as a contraceptive, however it may still be helpful to those of you interested in it as a contraceptive method.

It’s pretty simple. To do this you need to Collate all the cycle lengths you have tracked, you need at least 3, 12 is great but the more the better. From this data find your average length.

The 1st day of your cycle is the first day you bleed so count this as 1. the last day of your cycle is the day before your bleed begins this would be 28 or 31 or 23 depending on your body.

Now take your shortest cycle length and count back 14 days to find your approximate ovulation date. Then take your longest cycle length and do the same. Now you can see the earliest and latest predicted ovulation day in the cycle.

  • Possible bleeding days 1 – 5
  • Possible ovulating days 10-16
  • Possible cycle length 27-30

From this you can begin to gather where your pre ovulation, ovulation and bleed may come. Now you can look to your BBT (basal body temperature) for pin pointing your pre menstrual and affirming your ovulation findings here. And look at your cervical fluid to help you pin point you pre ovulatory phase and affirm again your ovulatory findings. Also we will take a quick trip to visit the cervix and receive its wisdom too.