Menstruation a Womens’ Map to Yoga

Alex’s personal menstrual journey led her to sharing this Womens’ work. This frame is built from tools Alex has found most useful in her journey so far.  To name a few Ancient knowledge that traditionally would have been passed down from the elder women of the community to the younger women, Historic uses of menstruation within the community; what purpose did it hold? Personal experience of cycle tracking and that was later enriched and inspired by the work of (Alexandra pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer founders of womens’ quest), Many aspects of Yoga (womb yoga, asana, pranyama, sense withdrawal, one pointed focus, meditation) belly dancing, grotowskian theatre training methods for freeing the pelvis and its creative power, movement medicine, vocal release techniques, holding womens circle, teaching yoga for varying stages of the womens life and essentially much women to women sharing on the female menstrual cycle since 2009.

Every workshop i teach women share “why wasn’t I taught this in school?”Marie.D “I am sad that it took me till now aged 40 to learn about the importance, power and purpose of this cycle i have been having for 27 years!” Sylvia.T

Through learning and tracking your own personal menstrual cycle you build a map that can orientate you in alignment with your core, to live the life you want to live!

Alex’s previous menstrual chaos and pain ignited her to find a solution that wasn’t medical intervention. For Alex bleeding was an agonising experience where she would black out in pain every month during her bleed, through deep listening and responding to her cycle she was able to recreate her inner winter and now actually looks forward to her bleed as a pleasure and her favourite time of the month.

“My cycle issues gave me the shove i needed to listen, pay attention, study, research and explore deeply the hidden powers and purpose of the female menstrual cycle. This journey empowered me to know and accept me just as i am.”

This map lies within the cycle you are having right now, so start listening.