My Cervix

The cervix of the uterus is the narrow, lower part of the uterus that fits into the top of the vaginal canal. It produces cervical mucus through 100′s of little glands and creates fertile mucus when estrogen is high. In addition to producing cervical mucus, the cervix itself undergoes changes during the cycle as estrogen rises and falls. The cervix is also the seat or root chakara for the women and is the base of moola bandha. this is different to men where the root base in yoga is the perineum.

Your cervix and entire uterus changes position in the abdomen during each cycle. Like a lift it goes up and down with the intent to direct sperm to the right floor for conception. It is moved by the Uterine ligaments which get tighter and looser along the hormonal schedule. It also becomes softer and harder to touch and the size of its tiny opening increases and decreases. As the cervix is the doorway in to your womb getting to know it gives you a greater sense of your womb and the energy flowing in this potent area. The womb lies within Swadhisthana Chakara (translated as her favorite standing place) the seat of pleasure, creativity, spontaneity, passion, sexuality, renewal, growth and anger. The mantra given to this area is Vam, its colour orange, its sense is the taste/tongue, forward bends and hip openers often access and purify this area aswell as fluid sensual fleshy movements. Belly dancing is total Swadhisthana massage. It is an emotional place to go for rejuvenation, recreation and regeneration. The area of the belly and womb holds within them the elements Water and Earth. It is home to our instinctual and sensorial nature.  Getting intouch with this area also has a very positive effect in your sexual intimacy enriching freedom, ease and depths of pleasure.

During infertile times in your cycle the cervix is low in the vaginal canal (as in easier to reach) and it has a slight tilt towards the back wall of the vagina. During the Fertile time surrounding ovulation in your cycle it moves higher up the vaginal canal (harder to reach) and lies straight in the canal.

The cervix begins to soften as ovulation approaches, it feels more spongy like soft full flesh, not dissimilar to your lips. The tiny opening (os) gradually opens over about 5 days. The cervix rises up and sits higher in the vagina, encouraging the penis to ejaculate as high up the vaginal cave as possible to make the sperms job a little easier. Just before and during ovulation the os will be large enough to slide the tip of your little finger in about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch deep. The cervix will feel soft and wet with fertile mucus.

after ovulation has passed the os closes up, the cervix becomes harder and the environment is dryer. more like the tip of your nose. Then a plug of thick mucus covers the cervix protecting the uterus from the outside world. The closed opening is sometimes hard to feel, if you can feel it, it feels like a dimple and nothing would slide in it.

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