Why Track Your Cycle

Why cycle Track?

For me tracking my cycle is like a shaman tracking an illusive explorer through wild terrain. You watch and listen with deep care and precision. Taking note of every snapped twig and foot printed earth, every scent on the breeze……until eventually you land at the feet of that which you have been hunting. In this case that might be yourself, your ovulation, the answer to your career choice and much more.

At 1st thought charting can seem trivial. I remember going to the doctors and being asked “what day of your cycle are you on?” and I would have no idea what so ever. I would barely remember the approximate date of my last bleed. I thought it was useless to think about. More and more women are experiencing the many benefits that come with charting their menstrual cycle. And often once you start, you become addicted!

When tracking it is important to remember that every cycle is different, like every women is different. In the same breath the reason we can track is because there are common and regular patterns. Like there are oak trees you can tell them by there dark green broad leaves, their brown knobbly rigged bark, and big trunks with wide reaching root base, you know these trees are oaks. Yet each oak is uniquely different to the oak next to it.

Although not every symptom of your menstrual cycle is enjoyable, each symptom can reveal characteristics that are unique to your cycle, and these characteristics are like markers on a map to better knowing yourself and your core truth.

Whether your tracking as a natural method of contraception, or as a means for conception, or better yet as a way to come closer to yourself and to help you make clear honest choices in your life that are aligned with your highest truth and purpose. Then this method holds something for you!

Tracking your cycle is like rolling aside a round stone bolder to reveal the entrance of an ancient cave and inside you may find millions of invaluable treasures.

Your tracking can be as basic or advanced as your needs and interest requires. If your using this method for contraception (good for you!) you want to be as vigilant as possible in your tracking, and it is good to seek external advice through a workshop, teacher, experienced women or mechanical device.

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