LH Urine Test

The LH Urine test works by detecting a rise in luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine. Such a rise signals the ovary to release the egg. At home tests can help predict ovulation. They can help you confirm your ovulatory time for you. If you Calender rhythm, BBT, and Fluid are predicting or saying “your ovulating” or perhaps one says one thing and the other says the other and you want to be totally sure, you can simply wee on a LH strip and your away.

These kits can be bought at most pharmacy, like pregnancy tests they’re a little fiddly and require a bit of patience.

Urine-based LH tests are generally 99-per-cent accurate and they are generally accepted as the best method of ovulation prediction available for women to use at home. But they are not foolproof. They can measure LH, but since LH can surge with or without the release of an egg, they can’t indicate whether you have definitely ovulated.

Important note: false LH surges can take place before the real one. Most importantly, you should never use these kits as a sole method of contraceptive.