Non-Violent Communication is simple yet profound way of improving your relationship with yourself and others. It can help you to unhook from judgemental thinking and learn to live from a place of empathic curiosity.

NVC increases empathy, honesty, strength and compassion in our personal and professional relationships. It helps build bridges of connection between individuals, couples, families, teams, organisations and communities.

I offer NVC as both stand alone workshops and as a component parts of my private practice, group workshops, yoga retreats and dance events. After years of practice in meditation NVC gave me a straight forwards way to take my practice off the mat and into my daily life. Giving me practical ways to live my practice of empathy, love and union in the world.


Coaching in NVC for individuals

60 minute sessions via zoom or in person in Kent. Coaching in Non Violent Communication offers a private space for you to bring challenging situations and receive support in exploring and unpacking them. NVC coaching helps you to expand and embed the skills of NVC in your daily life. It can support you to manage conflicts in your personal and professional relationships. And grow in self awareness and live more empathically. Sessions are £60, if money is the only thing that stops, then concessions can be negotiated.

Online offerings

Thu 18 May – 1:00PM (GMT)


With Alex Hanly
This session will focus on identifying your met and unmet needs and learning to communicate them effectively. Join Alex for practical exploration and exercises to become more self-aware, more literate in expression, feeling and needs and therefore able to choose more creative responses in challenging situations.

In Person Retreats: More info click here

Nonviolent Communication was created by Dr Marshall Rosenberg and lives on through me and countless other NVC trainers around the world!

I have been practicing, living and sharing NVC for 10 years and I am a certification candidate with CNVC.