Emotions, Spirit, Psyche

Tracking your physical signs help you to know clearly what day you are on and which phase of the cycle you are in.  This creates the foundations of your tracking on which you can build the most supportive inner relationship.

Knowing your own nature is the greatest gift any human being could attain.

Seeing your own nature and cycle encourages acceptance. Acceptance = knowledge.         knowledge = confidence. That confidence enables you to step fully into your life and offer what it is you are here to offer. And that breeds fulfillment.

Each day we wake up and we feel different. Some times the changes are slight other times more dramatic. At times our joy and inspiration for life is abundant and our love towards self is flowing and acceptance of others is a breeze. Then there a those days when we feel heavy, stuck and severely judgmental of our selves and others. There are the ‘i’m not sure’ times the ‘i know clearly what i need to do” times. Times of feeling in the flow of doing, Time for doing nothing, time for reflection, time for dreaming…..

The beauty of being human is that we have such capacity for feeling. We are able to experience an immense variety of emotions, thoughts, and modes of being. This can also be experienced as a uncontrollable roller coaster. It throws us up and down, shakes side to side, blurs our vision, makes us feel sick and nervous and we can loose our feet, breath and direction as we are bounced about.

The Cycle awareness yoga method i teach does not suggest an expulsion of the roller coaster, it does not promote avoidance of any part of you. Rather is proposes full engagement and awareness with your natural cycle, so that integration is possible. So a deep sense of wholeness can arise!