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Alex Hanly is a senior accredited yoga teacher, she has trained extensively in Yoga Therapy, Non-Violent Communication and Movement Medicine. She’s a compassionate teacher who believes in the power of kind problem-solving. She holds a non-judgmental and safe spaces that make her teachings so accessible, to anyone irrelevant of experience in yoga, meditation or self-enquiry. She can support you to overcome pain in the physical and mental-emotional body. She offers postural analysis, movement coaching, breathing practice, self-enquiry, meditation, emotional resilience, yogic philosophy and health coaching in her practice. Her offerings are a deep dive into self, allowing you to dismantle limiting habits, beliefs and barriers. Alex runs a 1-2-1 yoga therapy practice in Kent and online, she also teaches online with and offers retreats and workshops in partnership with

Ongoing education and personal enquiry informs Alex’s capacity to teach practices that are precise, gentle and transformative. Her approach is not one size fits all, rather it is a unique personal evolving practice founded in compassion and curiosity.

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