Alex Hanly

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Alex Hanly offers 3 practices as a senior accredited yoga teacher, movement medicine teacher and non-violent communication trainer (certification candidate), alongside a breadth of knowledge uncovered from years of experience working in the self-development and wellness field. Alex teaches both the stand-alone practices and a synthesis of these practices in many classes, workshops and retreats. Practice is an opportunity to adopt different postures both physical postures of the body and inner postures of awareness or attitude. The aim is to get to know yourself more intimately and dismantle any constricting beliefs that shut you off from experiencing the whole of your being and Life. Alex runs a private practice in Kent and online. Alongside teaching group classes, workshops and retreats at, and online courses with Ongoing education and personal enquiry informs Alex’s capacity to teach practices that are precise, gentle and transformative. Her approach is not one size fits all, rather it is a unique personal evolving practice founded in compassionate curiosity.

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