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Yoga – uncovering the essential joy of life!

Yoga Practice

Practice of Yoga – The practice of Union – uncovers the joy that is the essence of life!


by coming close to the breath – you come close to yourself.

you let go of all your baggage and clutter and receive yourself.


Time and time again in life we feel lost, out of touch with ourselves. i think this is one of the scariest feeling we experience in life, loosing sense of self or Purusha.

Through my practice of yoga I connect to the body in movement and awareness, I come in touch with the breath and bring my attention to the present moment. Here in the present Magic literally occurs. I feel whole. I feel connected. I feel found.

I realise Yoga is a rooting down. a deep connection to the earth. In Savasana or Supta Baddha Konasana we feel the earth, we notice we are not separate from the earth, we are not separate from anything. Rather we a supported, connected, and held by all of life. Regularly remembering that we are connected and experiencing this connection is vital for our individual and collective sanity.
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