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Yoga and Vogue

Yoga Poetry

Yog was not made for the front page of Vogue
But the star spangled banner tore up Yog’s thrown
The press, pressed on to produce a fashionable rabble
To the super ego’s Joy our inner clarity got scrabbled

Each teacher paraded naked and bendy like a hoar
Yoga officially lost its core
As the outer form took more
Body beauty became the yoga norm

A value system so drenched in status and sex
To want enlightenment we had to rate it XXX
No longer a radical inclusion of all
Yoga became a one-size fits all stall

Purchasing peace in the temple of the not free
Yoga shows became just another shopping spree
Over stimulated till pleasantly sedated enough
To self-administer a ‘I need more’ hand cuff

Investors sat fat counting the score
As they’re claws raked in the prize
But money holds no size
When weighed up against the loss being self realised

Again tricked!

Each pose, got froze and it shows that we forgot
How the soul grows.

Copyright © Alex Hanly 2007-2015