Initiation, Yoga and Active Birthing preparation for couples, Lisbon 6th to the 7th of October 2018


Lisbon Portugal – 6-7 October 2018 – 10am-6pm – Price €150 Couple – €115 Single
Venue – Avenida Salvador Allende 44A, 2780-163 Oeiras
To book contact Ana Andrade: +351 91 6786876 It is necessary to book as we have limited capacity

Birth is an initiation into parenthood a precious, potent, symbolic event in any humans life. This workshop helps expectant parents to prepare and inform their body, heart, mind and spirit for birth. Empowering you to first trust your body and reduce the likelihood of intervention, and to be informed and open-minded should intervention be required. We will focus on the ways women can use their bodies during labour and birth to make the process as easy and safe as possible. The workshop offers a dress rehearsal for you and your partner to explore ways of responding positively to your body’s urges, utilising body positions, breath, touch, smell, talking and visualisation to support you to have the best birth experience possible.

This workshop is designed for you to attend with your birth partner, so that he or she can learn more about the physiological and psychological process of labour and birth and discover how to support you in a number of ways.

During the workshop we will cover:

  • Physiological process of Labour and Birth (muscles, bones, organs, hormones, baby)
  • Optimallabourandbirthpositions
  • Breathing, relaxation, massage, visualisation and mental focus
  • Discuss birth settings (hospital, birth centre, home), Interventions and Drugs.
  • Placenta transfusion and what to do with your placenta after
  • Breastfeeding and bonding (postnatal recovery)
  • Time will be set aside to talk and explore our feelings and unexamined beliefs personal and cultural aboutbirth and parenthood with your partner and in small same gender groups.If an empowering birth experience with less pain, more effective contractions, shorter labour, lower risk of tearing, reduced risk of intervention and more oxygen to your baby sounds good, then this workshop is for you.Alex is a senior accredited yoga teacher, with over 10 years experience working in London’s top studio’s. Ongoing education and practice informs Alex’s capacity to teach yoga that is precise, gentle and transformative. Her style of yoga is influenced by T.K.V Desikachar and therefore is not one size fits all, rather it is a deeply personal evolving practice. Alex is a mother, an Apprentice to the School of Movement Medicine, an Active Birthing teacher with a deep passion for Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga.Dates – 6-7 October 2018 – Time – 10am-6pm – Price €150 Couple – €115 SingleVenue – Avenida Salvador Allende 44A, 2780-163 Oeiras
    To book contact Ana Andrade: +351 91 6786876 It is necessary to book as we have limited capacity

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