Group yoga class


Tuesday 6:30-8:00pm – Hatha Yoga Class 

Elham Methodist Church Hall, High St, Elham, Canterbury, CT4 6UW (Term Time Only)

£12  drop in 

This Yoga class will align, strengthen and de-stress the body and mind. Through a mix of classical yoga postures, breathing and relaxation we will explore your kinesthetic awareness and efficient body use. This Hatha yoga class will increase your body awareness and intelligence, instilling new ways of moving and being with your body, leaving you with a renewed sense of health and vitality in your daily life.

Open to all levels, including beginners.


Wednesday 10:00-11:30 – Moving Mamas Yoga Class

Elham Methodist Church Hall, High St, Elham, Canterbury, CT4 6UW (Term Time Only)

£10 drop in or £40 x 5 class pass 

Yoga and Movement Medicine for Mamas and Babes (0-4 years). An opportunity to stretch, move and breathe with your little one amongst a community of other women in similar stages of life. Traditional yoga postures are taught to help with postnatal recovery and with the general aches and pains of baby carrying. Movement medicine is a practice of mindfulness through movement to music, it is a playful and pleasurable way of feeling, meditating and connecting with yourself and your babe. A few songs are woven in to further entertain the little ones and promote learning. Moving Mamas hopes to meet the needs of both mother and child to move, play, feel, express and relax. At the end of this 90 minute class we drink tea and chat.

Kids are NOT expected to stay on the mat and quietly practice yoga. They are free to run around, do yoga, dance, sing, shout, cry, play hide and seek and so on….


Alex is a senior accredited yoga teacher. She is an apprentice to the school of movement medicine and an active birthing teacher. Who has been teaching yoga in London’s top studios for the last ten years and recently relocated to Kent. Alex aims to inspire you to grow even where you think you cannot. With a background in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Vini, Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga Alex is well equipped to meet the varying needs of any group or individual.